Customated has built a number of desktop applications for diverse scientific and health clients.

A desktop application is usually defined as something that would run as a single user that is installed with a system installer. It can be from the app store of a particular operating system, or the installer repository - if online - can be added to the computer’s registry.

Desktop applications can alse be centralized within network infrastructure; a networked desktop application is generally not concerned with data transmission speeds due to available of high switch link speed of 100/1000 networks or just local drive access. Generally running this second type of application over a wide area network provides a less than optimal experience and should be avoided.

Mobile applications typically would be a native application compiled for the operating system of the smartphone or tablet, with some exceptions. Many websites are mobile responsive and web standards and responsive design become the norm rather than the exception. There are also third party products, such as FileMaker Go, that allow a mobile experience while securing business logic and critical information by serving a mobile app directly from an application server. Often these can provide a simple solution for budget sensitive businesses whose owners have extra time or creativity and who would be disinclined to undergo a comprehensive application solution and consulting package.

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