Wow, the next few days of the conference have flown by. It's amazing how super saturated my brain feels. I hardly know where to start with the updates but I will start with the picture below.

During WWDC we've heard a lot about the application store and how many apps are downloading at any given time. This is a matrix of 30 displays that was on the second floor of the Moscone center. The icons that you see falling represent app purchases in the store. Every time on app is purchased on icon falls to the bottom of the screen.


What's interesting about this is that the screen will fill up and refresh every few minutes. The bottom falls out like the old "Connect-4" game and all the apps start to slide out the bottom and then fill up again until the monitors fill up.

The display is actually powered by 30 Mac Pro computers behind this wall that each render a portion of the video and the respective icons. The whole application, which runs in Objective-C and takes advantage of OpenGL to render the icons and distribute the workflow across the machines.

MOSCONE_CENTER_APPLE_ICON.JPGAs far as the sessions go here was an interesting phenomenon. There were no sessions that were based on the Mac, OS X Server or pretty much anything except iPhone and iPad. For iPhone developers that's great, but for anyone else who came to the conference looking for help with threading on OS X Server, they were not going to find much here. The much Ballyhooed 1000 Apple engineers turned out to be about 200 different engineers each day. There was nothing visible about Mac Pro's, Final Cut, xSan or any of that other good stuff.

There are some rumors that Apple is considering separate WWDC events for Mac and iPad/iPhone. Looks like there is just too much to cover anymore.

The big news from the WWDC is the iPhone 4 and developing for the iOS4 (formerly iPhone OS 4). Apparently Apple has now licensed the term iOS from Cisco for the iPhone operating system as they previously did for the iPhone trademark.

xCode4 was also announced and we got to see it crash during one of the presenters demonstrations, he made a calm recovery though that was a little slicker than Job's iPhone fail. The presenter smoothly transitioned, "As I was saying, with the Developer Preview of xCode 4...".

Apple is putting a lot of effort into the webstandards ring. WWDC saw the release of Safari 5 which has some extended debugging features and also support for more of the HTML 5 specification. It's not perfect but it's getting there. The biggest is Apple's push for a new standard they are touting called WebGL. In a nutshell it uses the Canvas object in HTML5 to render 3D graphics. This is going to be big, and looks to be a huge part of why Apple has distanced themselves from Flash technology. Stay tuned here for sure.