Areas of Service :: Businesses

Businesses have unique needs

Just like individuals every business is unique. A business is the sum of it’s employees, vision, products, marketing and practices.

Customated’s aim is to bring the Economy of Motion to businesses. By creating glueware that can integrate different services, such as logistics and accounting, SAAS compentents with business software, or bending e-commerce software to fit the business model, Customated allows business to create something bigger than they had before.

Many open source software solutions exist for business. Many of these are very general in nature, and while a substantial amount of development time can be saved using open source software, it will need to be modified to meet the business needs.

Applying the Economy of Motion to this allows us to provide the most return with the least amount of effort by leveraging as much open source code as possible and, where appropriate, contributing back to the software community for others.